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Blog Detail

The goal of 2 Million Bhagavad Gitas surpassed & smashed by a grand total of 2,172,456 Gitas distributed all over the world!

As we conclude memorable Live to Give 2020 campaign, we are very pleased to report, that the One World Team has successfully surpassed and smashed the goal of 2 Million Bhagavad Gitas distributing a grand total of 2,172,456 Gitas all over the world. Please take a moment and reflect on the transformative power of each one of those Gitas that is out there!
The Book distribution results from 2020 are an incredible testimony to the cooperation of devotees and their determination in bringing the timeless wisdom of the Gita to the masses all over the world, during these most unprecedented times. We thank you for your tireless services and look forward to an equally if not more dynamic 2021.

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