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Get Unlimited Spiritual Blessings

for your forefathers and yourself this Pitru Paksha

What Is Pitru Paksha

Pitru (or Pitri) Paksha starts this year from 20th Sep till 6th Oct. As our Shastras declare every Human has to discharge four majour duties during his lifetime, which he brings by birth as runa(debt) to this human body. They are
1. Duties to forefathers (Pirtru Runa)
2. Duties to devas (Deva Runa)
3. Duties towards sages (Rishi Runa)
4. Duties towards the spiritual Master (Guru Runa)


Pitru Runa can be discharged in following way
1. By becoming a responsible father and making your child a good devotee.
2. By Serving your parents(Mata-Pita seva)
3. By performing Pitru Yajna. This Pitru Paksha is the “Pitru Yajna” which a son(or some other relative) performs to discharged his Pitru Runa.

Pitru Yajna is one of the very important duties which must be performed to discharge of Pitru Runa.



pitru paksa bhojan

Offer Bhojan to Brahmanas for your departed relatives

Pitru Paksha is starting form 20th September. Feeding brahmanas with devotion and feeding cows are among recommended ways to do Shraddha during Pirtu Paksha. Such donation makes forefathers happy and we get blessings from forefathers, Sri Krishna and Sadhus.

Feeding Brahmanas of pure character is recommended in vedic scriptures. By arranging prasad for the devotees of Krishna during Pitru Paksha, get blessings of many forefathers, Brahmanas and Lord Krishna himself.

Go Seva for Pitru Paksha

Cows are very dear to Lord Krishna and they are one of the 7 mothers. Serving cows gives devotion, piety and freedom form miseries. ISKCON works extensively for cow protection, and has a flourishing goshala at near our farm community at Rajgarh. We request your support for the cow protection.


Your donation gives double benefits

ISKCON Pune camp runs several spiritual welfare programs throughout the year. It positively impacts lakhs of people and transform many lives. All the activities are voluntarily carried out by devotees of Krishna who understand the need for the cause. You will not only receive profuse blessings from Sadhus and Lord Krishna but also will be indirectly supporting their welfare activities.