Home Program No.48 at Amanora Park

Key topic for discussion is Bhagavad-gita 13.9.

असक्तिः, अनभिष्वङ्गः, पुत्रादारगृहादिषु, नित्यम्, च, समचित्तत्वम्, इष्टानिष्टोपपत्तिषु।।9।।

AsaktiH, anbhishvan’gH, putrdaargrhaadishu, Nityam’, ch, samchittvam’, ishtaanishtoppattishu ||9||

Absence of attachment to son, wife, home and wealth etc, absence of possessiveness, and forgetting Ishtvaadita i.e. the attainment and non-attainment of the venerable god and the other non-venerable god, constant equanimity of mind.

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