What services we provide

What services we provide

Brahman Bhojan

Brahman Bhojan is a ritual where Brahmans who are staying in the temple are fed a complete Sattvic meal sponsored by devotees. The Sattvic food includes rice, chapatis, two vegetables, lentils and sweet dish. The Blessings of Brahmans in the form of Ashirwad Vachan Mantra will be chanted in their names on the day specified by Devotees. The Brahmans represent the head of the Virat Purusha or Cosmic Soul. According to Sastras, Brahmans have taken birth from the mouth of Lord Brahma and they are knowledgeable about scriptures and the Vedic texts. As Brahmans are engaged in higher cultivation of spiritual knowledge and in the loving transcendental service of the Lord, it is enjoined that charity should be given to the brahmans. Therefore, it is the best choice to donate to Brahmans.

Anna Daan

We serve our famous Khichdi and Sheera to all visitors daily in small Drones (cups). We also provide free Breakfast and Lunch Prasadam daily to visitors. One can eat as much as he wants. You can consider donating towards this noble cause.

Anna Prashan

In Sanskrit, Annaprashan means grain initiation. This first rice eating ceremony of a newborn is a well-known custom in India. Come with your new born and one of our Brahmacharis will feed the first rice grains Mahaprasadam.

Vehicle Puja

Drive in with your new Vehicle and we will perform Puja. Free.

Home Program

Adding spiritual dimension to the life occasions not only invokes divine blessings but also strengthens the purpose of the occasion. Vedic samskaras aim to seek the blessings of Lord’s representatives so that we can flourish and advance in spiritual life. Life changing events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, House Warmings, Death Anniversaries etc., are blissful events that bring uniqueness and happiness to our lives. We offer customized plan for your special life event celebrations at your home.